Frosty Morning

Frosty Morning

Monday, 25 November 2013

Perch Fishing - Longleat Estate

As you have probably noticed from my blogging activity, I have been out fishing very little this season what with work and house hunting etc. This will hopefully change in the next couple of months with Autumn/ Winter upon us and work beginning to quieten down a bit (phew).

After reading reports of some monster Perch coming from a small lake only 30 minutes drive I couldn't help but think, "I wouldn't mind giving it a go myself. The lake in question already has a reputation having produced Perch reputed over the 5lb barrier which would be a sight to behold! I would be happy with a Perch of 3lb + personally.

Believe it or not, it sits within the grounds of Longleat Estate, famed for its wonderful Safari Park. I did not want to see elephants, lions or tigers today but a beautiful stripey. We decided that we should all go for my father's 50th birthday. We bought 1kg of dendra worm, 50 lobs and several pints of red maggot and headed to the middle lake full of anticipation.

It was somewhat overcast to begin with but cleared up as the day went by. We spoke with a guy already set up who decided to fish off the spit and had no success thus far. We decided to head for the opposite side of the lake, it was that small that four of us covered it's entire bank! When I sat down it was then that I recognised the swim; I had seen it in a Martin Bowler article last year with Terry Lampard and Tim Norman so we were in good company when it came to picking swims. Could we fare as well as they did on their trip here?

After settling down and soaking up our surroundings I began by impaling a worm on one hook and a King Prawn on the other. Both were hair-rigged and popped off the bottom to lift them away from the debris on the bottom of the lake. One thing I will say is that that the lake really is stunning in the autumn. The leaves were golden, it was cool, overcast and there was a touch of damp in the air. Real autumnal conditions. Some might say textbook Perch fishing weather.

When fishing you might be lucky to hear a bird singing its merry song, what I heard next I was not prepared for. Howling; not any old howling but wolves. First one, then a whole pack in the woodlands not far from where we were fishing. It was simply stunning, I for one would think twice about fishing there at night. Scary stuff!

A nice old chap turned up whilst we were fishing and was told to not fish near the other chap as he'd already baited the spot he was about to cast in... I may be wrong but pre-baiting a spot does not entitle you to every swim of your choice... He was not interested in an argument so came and joined us on the more thoughtful side of the lake :-) You have to look after your seniors.

It was a while before any of us had a bite,  my Dad was rewarded with his first birthday present of the day in the form of... a slimy Bream of about 2lb 8oz. Not the greatest of starts but a sure sign that the fish were feeding. Another hour passed and our hopes were diminishing. I sprayed maggots over my baits sparingly every time I cast in the hope of catching a monster Perch's attention but to no avail. 

Then I heard one of my father's buzzers go off, "I'm in!" he shouted. Could it be the fish we were all after?

A fin perfect Perch of 2lb 5oz

Happy 50th Old man!!!

After zeroing the scales and taking into account the weight of the net we decided on 2lb 5oz of a different kind of Longleat Tiger, a stunning Autumnal Perch!

Happy birthday Dad!

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