Frosty Morning

Frosty Morning

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Perch on my Local Commercial - Part 2


Well, after a break from the lakes and the closed season coming into place I thought it was about time I headed back to my local commercial in search of a PB Perch. It has been 2lb 5oz for 3 years and I felt it was about time I broke it.

I attempted to fish on Sunday; as I set up my rods a couple of drops of rain began to fall. A couple of drops of rain became a full blown rain storm. Thank God I bought my brolly! I sat under it for 3 hours without a break in the rain. It's not a bad place to be trapped; I was fishing at least...

As the rain began to ease I began to get bites on my float rod in the margin, little tugs on the worm indicated the presence of fish. Eventually the float buried and the rod bent slowly, the fish shook his head a few times before surfacing, a Perch, not a monster but perhaps around 1lb.

A welcome rest bite from the rain but unfortunately it wasn't a sign of things to come. I soon packed up and headed for home.


I couldn't help but to head back to my local lake, having started early at worked I finished early so off to my lake I went. I stopped at the shop on the way to pick up some frozen prawns, I would have preferred fresh but they would suffice. I got to the lake and thawed out the prawns in my landing net, surprisingly they were ready after only 5 minutes.

 I decided to fish tight in the margins having been inspired by another local angler by the name of Kev. He fishes only inches from his rod tip for Perch, I used a Drennan Tench Float Rod and Centrepin reel and dropped the my prawn hook bait into the margins.

I broke up perhaps 4 prawns into small pieces and chucked them out around my baited hook and started the waiting game. I have heard the lake contains 4lb Perch and has the potential to produce something bigger so hoped I would be the one to catch such a monster. I looked away only for a second and glanced back to my float and it had disappeared; this could mean only one thing... STRIKE

The rod arched over into a hoop and initially I thought I had hooked a Carp. It then began shaking its head and it was then I realized I was into what felt like a good Perch. They aren't the greatest of fighters but they have the ability to produce "heart-in-mouth" moments. Thankfully it slid over the net! Kev and my Dad had arrived so did the honours of weighing it in the the best of all weigh slings, a plastic bag. The dial read 2lb 9oz; finally... A PB!

A new PB and a very happy angler!

I was chuffed to say the least and it had been a long time coming! After putting it back in the lake a few swims up to prevent the swim from spooking my bait went straight back out again. Next it was Kev's turn with a fish of around a 1lb 1/4oz and then one of exactly 2lb on consecutive casts. My Dad struggled without a bite in the corner of the lake but he has the knack of catching a monster from nowhere, unfortunately tonight wasn't his night. I caught another of perhaps 12oz.

Day turned to night and we could no longer see our floats so we called it a session. On reflection my season has been a poor one in terms of catching specimen fish, the weather hasn't helped matters with rivers above the banks on more occasions than I can remember. This fish has made up for it though.

Tight Lines.

Fish Botherer


  1. Hi there, very interesting blog!

    Quick question regarding the Avon stretch from the marina at Keynsham all the way up to Swineford Mill... do you know which respective club owns the opposite side. I took a walk there today, and noted that there are no swims on the Keynsham marina side, but properly constructed swims on the other sides. I didn't know how to get over to the other side though, or who owns the stretch.

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. Hi George, I would hazard a guess at Keynsham AC which can be found here
    No problems, let me know how you get on.

  3. Hello there ! Good read and thanks a lot! Can I ask what rod that is you’re using? Thanks!

  4. Well the one in the picture on the alarms